Volunteer Information

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Deadline for Sign-ups

volunteer informationBecause acting roles must be assigned a few weeks before wardrobe-fitting, the deadline for actors is November 6 and the deadline for other volunteer areas is November 27.

Wardrobe Fitting & Rehearsal

Saturday, November 26, 9am-3pm. Each actor will be contacted to confirm the time of their wardrobe-fitting. Each scene will have a 1-hour block when they can come to get fitted & rehearse.

Dress Rehearsal

Saturday, December 3, 10am-12noon. All actors must attend the dress rehearsal. More information will be provided in your church mailbox.

Paint Days/Prop Days

Saturday, December 3 at 12-3pm in the parking lot behind the gym at 851 Panet Road (or in the gym if needed).

Bethlehem Set-up

Please come at anytime if you can help with the physical set-up on: Tuesday, December 6, 4-9pm; Wednesday, December 7, 9am–9pm; Thursday, December 8, 9am–3pm

Bethlehem Tear-down

After all the tours are completed, it’s time to dismantle our beautiful creation! We will need many people to help with the dismantling of each of the sets. Tear–down Day: Sunday, December 11, starting at 4pm.